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Common Module Laibrary
(documented with formulation)

bulletPARAMETER VALUES and formulas -
1. Bulk H2O diffusivity in rhyolitic melt (Zhang);
2. H2O solubility in rhyolitic melt (Zhang);
3. Bulk H2O diffusivity in basaltic melt (Zhang);
4. CO2 diffusivity in basaltic melt (Watson);
5. Density of basaltic melts (Ochs and Lange)
6. Surface tension of basaltic melts (provided by Zhang)
7. Mono Crater Rhyolite - standard rhyolite (Newman)
8. Trachybasalt (Rutherford)
bulletVolatile saturation model for the trachybasalt (Papale- fortran 77)
bulletThermodynamic properties of melts (Mastin- fortran 90 using the method of Ghiorso & Sack (1995) )
bulletThermodynamic properties of water and steam (Mastin- fortran 90 using the method of Ghiorso)
bulletNumerical bubble growth (Proussevitch- fortran 77)
bulletAnalytical bubble growth (Navon- analytical)
bulletMagma rheology w/melt visc. (Llewellin- fortran 77)


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