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Numerical Bubble Growth

(Fortran-77 Code provided by A. Proussevitch and D. Sahagian)

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Fortran-77 Program Data/Parameter Input File
nbubble.f nbubble.dat

Notes to use/run the code:

  1. First, you need to compile the code (nbubble.f) for your operating system. For example, if you use Unix you need to execute the following command on your command line prompt: ">>f77 nbubble.f". This will produce executable file named "a.out". You might need to use some useful compiler switched and your command might look like ">>f77 -N -O -cg89 -sun4 -o nbubble bubble.f" (this one will produce executable file named "nbubble").
  2. If your resulting executable file name is "a.out", please, rename it to "nbubble" by executing Unix command ">>mv a.out nbubble".
  3. In order to run the model you must use input file name as an argument input for the executable command/file name. Example: ">>nbubble nbubble.dat".
  4. You might need to edit values of input parameters in the "nbubble.dat" file in order to create your own model runs.
  5. The program generates a number of output files in plain text format that have a fixed width tables of output data.
  6. Since I did not modify this code recently, it might have some obsolete functions for calculating, say, diffusion coefficients. You might want to update/rewrite those functions or ask me to do that.
  7. Good luck to you!

Reference: .Proussevitch, A. and D. Sahagian (1998). “Dynamics and Energetics of Bubble Growth in Magmas: Analytical Formulation and Numerical Modeling.” J. Geophys. Res. 103: 18223-18251.


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