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Broader Impacts

Workshop Objectives

The overall goal of the proposed workshop is to combine the collective tools and capabilities of the community to devise an integrated approach to determining paleoelevation. The first step toward this will be to bring the community together at a workshop to plan a strategy to address the problem. The specific objectives of the workshop are as follows:

bulletPresent each of the myriad existing proxies and approaches to paleoelevation measurement to bring others up to speed
bullet Identify scope and limitations of each technique.
bulletReview potential sites and time intervals for coordinated analysis. Agree on a single place and time interval that can be handled by MOST proxies and approaches (acknowledging that none may fit ALL).
bulletOutline a plan of attack for a coordinated effort. Some will write new research proposals- others will continue or slightly redirect existing research projects.
bulletEstablish a set of results to be generated by each participating group, and a deadline for results.
bulletDiscuss potential publication outlets for overall results.

We expect that preliminary results will be generated within one year of the workshop, and long-term analysis to be completed within three years (including time for new projects to come to fruition).


Send mail to dork.sahagian@lehigh.edu about the Workshop or to alex.proussevitch@unh.edu about this web site.
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