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In meeting the objectives noted above, the workshop will result in a specific plan of action for all participating groups. Participation will not be limited to those who attend the workshop, but will be solicited publicly throughout the community (through a workshop report to be published in Eos, etc.). The most important outcome of the workshop will be a protocol for analysis, involving a place (e.g. Colorado Plateau, Tibet, etc.), a specific time interval (e.g. Holocene, Eocene-Oligocene, etc.), and a minimum temporal resolution (e.g. 10 data points in 10 m.y.). The outcome of the workshop will be published as an article in Eos (workshop report), and a web site will be established to keep the community up to date with developments, and also attract new groups to the activity. The results will be presented at AGU and other venues as appropriate. Within a year of the workshop, we expect to have preliminary results for comparison and analysis. This will lead to an synthesis publication (JGR, Tectonics, GRL…). The intent is for the workshop to trigger new research directions, so that new projects (to be proposed to NSF and others) will produce longer-term results for additional analysis within 3 years or so.


Send mail to dork.sahagian@lehigh.edu about the Workshop or to alex.proussevitch@unh.edu about this web site.
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