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 Broader Impacts

Broader Impacts

Broader Impacts

The workshop will lead to an activity of interest to the broader educational community as well as general public. As such, steps will be taken in the coordinated effort to ensure that the results are published in the popular press and the web, as well as in the scientific literature. This will enable to teachers and school children to use the results, as well as bringing the results to the attention of the public at large, policy community, and those who support the scientific productivity of the research community.

Graduate students will play and important role in the overall project, and specific educational objectives of graduate students will be enhanced by working on the "standard" problem identified at the workshop. This should lead to dissertation projects and incorporation in the broader research community of the students involved. This has been true of previous workshops, and we will encourage student engagement before, during and after the proposed workshop as well. Students will participate as hands-on researchers and we anticipate that they will provide valuable input to the proposed workshop, as they have done for previous workshops in which the convener has been involved.


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