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BSD 2004
Volcanic Eruptions 2002
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This Web site is created for volcanologists who is primarily involved in theoretical, numerical, and experimental studies of volcanic eruption mechanism. We use abbreviation VEMG for Volcanic Eruption Modeling Group.

Our Mission

To bring together volcanic eruption modelers and create a place where they can share their latest research data. We hope that VEMG People will keep us updated about their publications, contact information changes, and provide useful suggestions regarding this site.
We also maintain a collection of reprints (PDF files) relevant to our primary subject of research. You are welcome to contribute your reprints and I will be happy to email you password to access the collection .

People Who Created and Maintain This Site (Our Profile)

We are small, but active group of volcanologists working at University of New Hampshire. There are only three of us at this moment Prof. Dork Sahagian (now at Lehigh University, PA), Dr. Alex Proussevitch, and Dr. Jeff Johnson.

Our ongoing research project includes NSF funded project that is relevant to volcanology -

bulletCollaborative Proposal: Ash Particles and the Bubbles that Make Them: Measuring Bubble Size from Ash Fragments for New Insights Regarding Eruption Dynamics

Past NSF funded projects -

bulletBubble Size Distributions (BSD) as a Diagnostic Tool for Volcanic Processes
bulletVolcanic Eruption Modeling
bulletUplift of Colorado Plateau

Contact Information

Postal address
ESRC, Morse Hall, UNH, Durham, NH 03824
General Information: alex.proussevitch@unh.edu
Webmaster: alex.proussevitch@unh.edu


Send mail to alex.proussevitch@unh.edu with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: Tuesday May 08, 2007