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BSD 2004 




Collaborative Proposal:
Bubble Size Distributions (BSD) as a Diagnostic Tool for Volcanic Processes

This is NSF project (EAR-0509859) we are currently running.

Current research activity of the project -

bulletWe had two field trips. One to Colorado plateau in September 2005 to collect vesicular basalt samples for the research (UNH and Lehigh), and the second one to Ecuador in January 2006 to collect samples of well documented recent eruptions (UNH). The latter field trip was combined with our presentation on COV4 meeting in Quito. In these field trips our focus was on taking samples from flow cross-sections and lateral extends of flows that would allow us to track vesiculation processes.
bulletSample preparation (UNH) and analysis (UT at Austin). The samples collected in the above field trips are currently being analyzed at high resolution X-ray tomography lab of University of Texas at Austin.
bulletLab work (UNH and Lehigh) involved theoretical studies of bubble size distributions and development of new computer codes to accommodate new distribution functions.
bulletMeetings - We made presentations (UNH and Lehigh) at 2005 Fall AGU Meeting (Dec 2005, San Francisco, CA), and Cities of Volcanoes-4 Assembly (Jan 2006, Quito, Ecuador).
bulletPaper preparation (UNH and Lehigh). Two papers submitted to Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research. Submitted on April 12, 2006.


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