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Nov. 14, Thursday
Nov. 15, Friday
Nov. 16, Saturday

Thursday, Nov. 14 - Experimental and Observational Constraints

All sessions in Madbury room unless otherwise noted.

9:00 Opening and Welcome- Dork Sahagian.

9:30 15-minute Presentations from experimentalists and compilation of constraints (plenary).
        1. Laboratory determinations of parameter values.
        2. Field observations of eruption parameters for output constraints.

        Fred Anderson - Pre-eruptive composition and volatiles.
        Mac Rutherford - Pre-eruption magma conditions and timing of pre-eruption events.
        Don Dingwell - Rheology; fragmentation, thermal history.
        Youxue Zhang - Volcanic modeling parameters: viscosity, solubility, diffusivity, fragmentation.

1/2 hr Coffee break.

        Jim Gardner - Bubble nucleation in magmas.
        Jessica Larsen - Experimental results on bubble coalescence.
        Maggie Mangan - Experimental work on bubble nucleation, number density, and size distribution.
        Matthias Hort - Magma ascent and eruption rates: Observational constraints.

12:30-1:30 LUNCH.

1:30 Remaining parameters - e.g. surface tension;  thermal diffusivity, eruption triggers, other?

2:00 Magmatic conditions necessary for models (recharge, geometry, etc.) (Proussevitch).

2:30 Discussion of parameter list and values.
        Input from modelers regarding appropriate parameterization.
        Devise preliminary list of parameters, conditions, and values to be used in models.
        Compile table of parameter values and functions.

1/2 hr Coffee break.

4:00 Discussion of critical processes (leader).
        1. Bubble nucleation (Gardner).
        2. Fragmentation (Dingwell).

5:30 Adjourn.

6:00-Evening in Portsmouth.

Friday, Nov. 15 - Models

9:00 15-minute descriptions of model intent, assumptions, capabilities, and example results.

        Oded Navon - Bubbles.
        Alex Proussevitch - Bubbledrive.
        Helene Massol - Cflow; Nuclascent.
        Alex Starostin - Kamchatka steady; transient.
        George Bergantz - MFIX.

1/2 hr Coffee break.

        Tak Koyaguchi - WK-1; YK-1.
        Larry Mastin - Conflow.
        Matthias Hort - Degass.
        Ed Llewellin - LB-Flow.
        Karl Mitchell - Erupt.
        Juan Ramos - Magma-2D.

12:30-1:30 LUNCH.

        Ed Gaffney - CFDLIB.
        Paolo Papale - Counduit4.
        Augusto Neri - PDAC2d.
        Giovanni Macedonio - CpiuC.
        Amanda Clarke - Soufriere.

1/2 hr Coffee break.

3:30 Discussion- 
        1. Magma transport formulations (Bergantz).
        2. Other critical processes (all).
        3. Input from experimentalists regarding model parameters (all).
        4. Observational constraints for model output (Hort).
        5. Basis for comparison of numerical models (Sahagian).

5:30 Adjourn.

Free evening in Durham (working groups).

Saturday, Nov. 16 - Standard Protocol and Work Plan

8:30 Summary from each parameter "leader".
        Finalize list of standard input parameters, conditions, and values to be used in models.

9:30 Construction of suite of model runs.

        Sensitivity studies (what matters most, what can be neglected, what needs better constraints).

1/2 hr Coffee break.

        Common modules library (e.g. rheology, nucleation, fragmentation, hydrodynamics?).

        Model output parameters (end result of models as pertains to conduit flow and eruption).
        Required for all models: e.g? eruption velocity at vent; gas fraction; dissolved volatile content at vent...
        First tier: e.g? temporal evolution of conduit flow; duration of eruption, bubble size distribution...
        Second tier: e.g? discharge volume; conduit wall erosion...

        Model output Format?

12:00-1:00 LUNCH.

1:00 Finalize model protocol. Common tasks and outputs. Breadth of conceptual approaches.

        Future lab experimental and observational needs/opportunities.

1/2 hr Coffee break.

3:30 Working groups (upstairs, tavern, and other rooms).
        1. Protocol document writing team - write protocol, parameters list.
        2. laboratory analog model group - write up stategies to cover model parameter needs (input; validation)
        3. Field observation task team - write up potential observational constraints
        4. model development planning group(s) - share ideas on computational methods and tools.

5:00 Plenary in Coppers room and wrap up with refreshments.
        Presentations from 4 working groups.

6:30 Banquet in Maples Room.


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