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Papers accepted for publication in JVGR Special Issue

  1. D. Sahagian and participants, (Overview Paper) Volcanic eruption mechanisms: Insights from intercomparison of models of conduit processes

  2. T. Koyaguchi, An Analytical Study for 1-Dimensional Steady Flow in Volcanic Conduits
  3. L. G. Mastin, The controlling effect of viscous dissipation on magma flow in silicic conduits
  4. O. E. Melnik, A. A. Barmin, R. S. J. Sparks, Conduit flow model for the case of high-viscous, gas-saturated magma
  5. H. Massol1 and T. Koyaguchi, The effect of magma flow on nucleation of gas bubbles in a volcanic conduit
  6. A. Proussevitch and D. Sahagian, Bubbledrive-1: A numerical model of volcanic eruption mechanisms driven by disequilibrium magma degassing
  7. J. Dufek and G. W. Bergantz, Transient Two-Dimensional Dynamics in the Upper Conduit of a Rhyolitic Eruption: A Comparison of Closure Models for the Granular Stress
  8. A. B. Starostin, A. A. Barmin, O. E. Melnik, A transient model for explosive and phreatomagmatic eruptions
  9. G. Macedonio, A. Neri, J. Martì, A. Folch, Temporal evolution of flow conditions in sustained magmatic explosive eruptions
  10. D. Sahagian and A. Proussevitch, Standardized Model Runs and Sensitivity Analysis Using the “Bubbledrive” Volcanic Conduit Flow Model
  11. K. L. Mitchell, Coupled conduit flow and shape in explosive volcanic eruptions
  12. E. Llewellin and M. Manga, Bubble suspension rheology and implications for conduit flow
  13. Y. Liu, H. Behrens, Y. Zhang, Solubility of H2O in rhyolitic melts at low pressures and a new empirical model for mixed H2O-CO2 solubility in rhyolitic melts
  14. U. Kueppers, B. Scheu, O. Spieler, D. B. Dingwell, Field based density measurements as tool to recalculate pre-eruption dome structure: Set-up and first results from Unzen volcano, Japan


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